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For Kelly
Topless Jax

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday hun, that you get everything you wished for and more. I've even changed my userpic to a topless Jax just for you!

See you on the Thread :D

Bloody Skiffy!!!!
EoJ kissage
Just a quick note to my Shippery friends to say that I am alive (snowed in but that's just cool) but for some reason Skiffy fricking hates me :-(

I can't log off and none of the pages will load properly. I know this has happened before and live in eternal hope that it will miraculously sort itself out.

If anyone needs me for urgent info or decisions about CC (flights, concert money for Shef etc) then either e mail me or send me a message here. I might try and log on at work tomorrow once I plough my way through the snow *squeals with excitement at the thought*

I hope to see my darling shippers soon - I miss you all :-)

The End of a Truly Wonderful Era
I'm far too emotional (and with all the tears can barely see the keyboard) to write much than this at the present but I just need to say that the Finale of Dr Who was fricking AMAZING!!!!

John Simm has once again shown what a truly taleneted actor he is and on any other show, on any other occasion he would have been amazing but, as is only fitting on his last outing, the night belonged to David Tennant. I never watched Dr Who before him and so have nothing else to compare his portrayal too but for me there will never be another Doctor as good as him. I don't want to ruin it for anyone that hasn't caught it yet so I won't say what happens (besides the obvious) but it wad truly the best piece of television I have seen in a long time.

For those of you fans that haven't just watched it like me I cannot urge you enough to find it somewhere online and watch'll be as blwon away as I was. If you want a good finale, with a little bit of shippery stuff and a worth while send off (take not Ron Moore) then you can't go wrong.

Brilliant acting (special shout to Bernard Cribbins), wonderful writing and spectacular effects. What more could a girl ask for? (DT to not leave would be a good place to start). I am still undecided as to whether I'll watch the new series when it starts so for now all I'll say is.......

David Tennant I salute you :-)

Divya - I hope you have a fantstic day today.


It's official!!!! I am obsessed with ASkars.
When all my Shippery friends recommended True Blood way back in May I kind of ignored them all as my poor K/L BSG Shippery heart was still healing and thought that TB would be a passing faze. How wrong I was (and am glad of it).
It started with my GBT posting pics of Alexander Skarsgard and Jamie Bamber and asking who we preferred in different poses, clothes etc. Admittedly, at the time, Jamie came out on top but I was still quite impressed with the stunning Swede, with the famous Father and decided after much TB, SVM ear bending to see what all the fuss was about. I *coughed* series 1 and settled down for the weekend to watch.
I took an instant dislike to Bill (too boring IMO and not my type), thought Sookie was a little annoying but loved Jason, Tara, Sam and most of all Lafayette (hilarious if you ask me and one of the best decisions ever made in TV History to keep him alive for series 2). I was disappointed that the good looking, blonde Swede did not appear until episode 4 and then at best was a glorified extra with a dodgy wig for the rest of the series but I carried on watching and thought it was pretty OK (didn't set my world alight but then some of my favourite ever shows take a while to grab me). 
I was happy enough to wait for series 2 to show over here (bearing in mind that series 1 is only just airing in the UK) but then my GBT again posted pics of The Swede in  series 2 and HELLO!!!! give the guy a haircut and instant sex God Viking Vampire Sherriff (with the best sidekick ever in Pam, who is vastly under-used IMO). I downloaded all of the then aired episodes of series and and like so many others waited patiently every week for new scenes and THE SCENE (please, please, please let's have more nekkid Eric in series 3) and then it was the end! Our beloved ASkars had one scene in the Finale (I won't even get started on the serious mis-casting of ERW) and I was ASkarsless for another year.
Or so I thought.
My lovely Shippery buddies told me all about Generation Kill and although war films, tv shows are so not my thing I thought it would be worth watching for Alex. I am so glad I did. What a brilliantly written and acted series it was (I have since read the book in case you are all thinking I only loved it for all the Marines). If ASkars as Eric make me think naughty thoughts then ASkars as Brad Colbert makes me want to marry him.
Now though I am once again ASkarsless until TB returns so I have had to content myself with multiple screensavers, mobile phone pics and iPod vids to keep me going. Oh!As well as my GBT's picture-a-day ASkars blog. Small things but vital to one who no longer knows how to survive without a daily dose of Alex in their life!

And so I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Shippery buds - Karie, Shefcat and BoringLittleTit (my GBT) for their TB recommendation and the same again plus KellyChameleon for the Generation Kill shout out (and anyone I may have missed/forgotten). My lovelies how would I manage without you all :D

Eric rooftop
As I have the day off work tomorrow (for various reasons) I have decided to stay up tonight (I am in the UK) and watch the Finale of True Blood but I can't find the link I had to streamline it and watch it live. Can anyone pretty, pretty please post it/ send it to me and I promise I will love you for life :D

WARNING!!!! True Blood can cause addictions!
Eric rooftop
As you can see from the above I have caved and watched series 2 of TB. I really thought after the first series I wouldn't be that bothered if I didn't watch the second one but I was persuaded (thanks GBT) and have watched episodes 1-8 in 3 days. I have totally spoiled myself for episode 9 (I needed to see the E/S scene) and am now avidly reading the books.

As you can see from my new userpic (please forgive me Lee and Kara) I have falen in lust with Askars hook, line and sinker. I thought he was hot in series 1 but whenhe walked in with the short hair? HELLO!!!!

IMO he just steals every scene and is one of the best reasons to watch the show, along with Pam and Lafayette of course. I find the whole Bill/Sookie relationship a tad boring (ducks the tomatos) and personally think they lack chemistry - which is a bit WTF? considering their RL engagement but Sookie and Eric just seem to smoulder when they are on screen together and I demand more of the next series be devoted to them ;-)

Now all I need to do if finish the books and see if there is more nekked Eric time coming my way :D 

USAIN BOLT - Is he even Human?
I know many of you have no interest in Athletics and may not even know who Usain Bolt is but after seeing what I just have I am feeling the need to say something about this remarkable, super-human, record-breaking man. 3 sprint finals in last years Olympics, 3 Gold Medals and 3 World Records. Could he ever emulate this?  Well this week there was some doubt. On Sunday, in the 100M, he blew the reast of the field away and took the World Record down from 9.69 secs to 9.58. Job done, onto the 200M.
He seemed to be tired throughout th rounds and there was specualtion that although he would definitely win he would not get close to his WR.  But this is Usain Bolt people and a little over an hour ago he not only blew the field away he finished with the biggest winning margain ever and took his own WR down from 19.30 to 19.19!!! And we still have the sprint relay's to go!!
200M legend, Michael Johnson thiks Bolt will run under 19 seconds one day, I never thought this would be a possibility but with the Lightening Bolt the impossible is nothing.

LotS Series 2 - it's gonna rock!
Just read a report from a LotS fan who attended the panel at ComicCon (thanks for the link DG) and Charisma Carpenter is joining for series 2 as a Mord Sith!  How cool is that? She's gonna rock, being all bad arse and in the leather and she looks amazing in the spoiler pics I've seen (once again thanks DG).

I have adored this show so much that I have actually decided I am buying the DVD's when they come out - just hope they will ship to the UK - it has really helped to repair some of the damage done to my cracked shippery heart (frak you RDM), the scenery is such an added bonus (note to self to visit NZ one day) and the chemistry between K/R is sizzling - I hope we get more kisses in the new series, even if it means they are under the influence of magic - ha ha ha.

Roll on November is what I say :-)

New balls please!
So, it's Wimbledon fortnight here in Blighty and usually this means me not moving off the sofa for 2 weeks unless I have tickets.  This year my tickets are for tomorrow and Monday and I have been coutning down the days til Monday since I got news I had won the tickets in the public ballot in February. Excellent, I hear you say. Lots of tennis to watch because with the new roof on Centre Court it doesn't even matter if it rains. And up until last Friday night I couldn't have agreed more. And then? DISASTER!!!!! Rafael Nadal pulled out ijured and my whole Wimbledon fortnight fell apart :-(
So now I am taking my Mum tomorrow as planned and am still undecided about Monday. I mean who wants to see the great ponce Federer twice in 5 days? Or Murray the misrable bastard? Certainly not me anyway. Rafa was my dream and that bubble has been well and truly burst my friends.
Anyway rant over - I'll counteract my bad mood wth Shippers humour and some K/L Fic.


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